About the IACP, Inc.

We have adopted several local cemeteries and try to raise funds for them in unique, interesting and fun ways. These all but fogotten sites have no income and no one to care for the fine folks interred in them. That's where the IACP, Inc. comes in.

2008 Raffle!


We raise funds by selling Cemetery Art by The Fat Bottom Taphophiles. Beautiful gothic & religious art that comes framed and as a one of a kind print. We also sell chap books printed by Raven's Loch Publishing House especially for our cause. These chap books include subjects like Ghost Hunting, True Hauntings, Demonology and Cemetery Reference subjects. Sacred Raven Metaphysical Supplies also manufactures several spiritual and metaphysical supplies and sells them for our cemeteries benefit.  

Haunts of the World's Most Famous Beach ghost tours donates a portion of every ticket sold to help our cause as well. These ghost tours are the first on the east coast of the US to be owned & operated by a certified ghost hunter & certified paranormal investigator. These tours last 1 1/2 hours and our guests learn the history and documented hauntings of the area. Tickets are $10.00 per person and children under 6 are free! Souvenirs sold after the tours also benefit the cemeteries.

For more informtation on these items check the links or go to Ebay and look up seller DBPRG to bid on the listed auctions.  You can also make a donation through PayPal to IACPcontact@aol.com by using the donation button below.


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Mission Statement

ffAll over the World, thousands of cemeteries on private property are in danger of being destroyed.  Many of these cemeteries fall victim to real estate developers or others who are seeking financial or personal goals. These uncaring people destroy many of these historic cemeteries while showing no respect for the dead, or their families.

The inscriptions on monuments tell us not only a persons name and date of birth & death, but often where they lived, their occupations and social affiliations, the manner of their death, personal traits that surviving family members held dear, and the names of relatives. These inscriptions provide us with invaluable historical data regarding local, medical, and material history, cultural geography, historical archaeology, folklore, genealogy, and much more data that in many cases may be found nowhere else. The International Association of Cemetery Preservationists, Inc is strongly committed to the protection of these burial sites from unwarranted disturbance by man.  

We believe that the willful desecration or destruction of these burial sites is unacceptable in a civilized society. It is our objective to highlight their importance and promote an attitude of reverence and respect, while encouraging further preservation of these unique historical resources.

We ask that private property owners allow access at 'reasonable times' to legitimate groups to do the repairs and upkeep that is necessary, and to allow descendants and other interested parties the opportunity to visit the graves.

It is therefore our goal to correct the wrongs that have been done in cemeteries throughout the World, to set a U.S. National minimum standard for the upkeep of all historic cemeteries.  To stop the unnecessary destruction, the wanton vandalism and to enforce the existing laws until a time comes that better laws can be in place.  

We are also determined to restore and preserve as many of these neglected and abandoned cemeteries as is possible. And to contiue to raise funds for these sites.